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Opening hours, contact
Opening hours

From 06.14. to 06.30. 8 AM – 18:00 PM
From 07.01. to 08.20. 8 AM – 19:00 PM
From 08.21. to 09.01. 8 AM – 18:00 PM

Our beach can be visited outside opening hours when swimming is only allowed at one’s own risk. Please note that neither the lifeguard service nor the first aid stations are open and in service during these hours!


Balaton utca 1, 8243 Balatonakali
Managed by the Council of Balatonakali
Beach manager: Kovács Ágnes
Phone: +36 20 282 6330
Email: bakalistrandgondnok@gmail.com

Ticket Prices 2024
Day ticket prices (Entitles the individual holder to any number of entries and exits on a given day) Pre-Season / Peak Season
Adult 1.400,- Ft
Child (ages 4-14) 800,- Ft
Student / Senior 1000,- Ft
Family (2 adults, 4 children (under 14)) 4.000,- Ft
Sunbed (HUF/day) 1.300,- Ft
Water bike (HUF/30 mins) 2.600,- Ft
Water bike (HUF/hour) 4.500,- Ft
SUP (HUF/30 mins) 2.600,- Ft
SUP (HUF/hour) 4.500,- Ft
Solo kayak (HUF/30 mins) 1.750,- Ft
Solo kayak (HUF/hour) 2.300,- Ft
Tandem kayak (2 ppl) (HUF/30 mins) 2.500,- Ft
Tandem kayak (2 ppl) (HUF/hour) 4.500,- Ft
Tandem kayak (3 ppl) (HUF/30 mins) 4.300,- Ft
Tandem kayak (3 ppl)(HUF/hour) 6.500,- Ft
Beach Hut (HUF/season) 58.000,- Ft
Water Slide (HUF/day) 1.700,- Ft
For group discounts, please contact the beach manager in advance.
WEEKLY PASSES preseason and main season
Adult 6.500,- Ft
Child 3.600,- Ft
Student / Senior 5.000,- Ft
Family (2 adults, 4 children (under 14)) 21.500,- Ft
SEASON PASS for HOLIDAY HOME OWNERS preseason and main season
Adult 7.500,- Ft
Child 5.000,- Ft
Student / Senior 6.000,- Ft

Free entrance for permanent residents and municipal employees.

Groups of people with speacial needs may enter at a reduced price of 50%.

We accept cash, debit card, PayPass and SZÉP card (issued by OTP, MBH, K&H banks) at our customer counters.

The beach surrounded by shady trees accommodates 1,500 guests. The beach parking lot located next to the main entrance (46.880993,17.753871) provides free parking spaces for 142 cars. 74 in Strand utca and 63 in Vasút sor and 5 places at the main entrance of the beach where 3 disabled parking spaces are also available. A charging station for electric vehicles can be found within 500 meters in the parking lot of FÉK Üzletház. A train station and a bus stop can also be found in about 400 metes from the main entrance.

From the summer of 2022 luggage lockers were installed and accessibility improvements were made. Tactile paving and induction loops were also installed for the hard of hearing. To make getting around easier, a 3D-printed table display of the entire beach can be found at the entrance. Accessible spring riders are available for the smallest ones.

A mobile kayak port and bicycle storage lockers were also installed when Almond Blossom Beach joined the project: Accessible Hungary.

An automatic sprinkler system is active on the entire grassy area of our beach. We kindly to ask our guests to refrain from using parasol stands that might pierce the buried garden hoses.

It is mandatory to wear a life jacket when renting beach equipment. Almond Blossom Beach provides life jacket for each of its guests.

Our freshly renovated water slide is the most cost effective one around Lake Balaton and provides even more fun than before. Please give a try to our water theme park as well!

Our beach also cooperates with Tourinform office in Tihany (1, Mádl Ferenc square), where you can find brochures, leaflets and promotional documents about our beach and settlement.

Tourinform Tourinform
  • There are 6 cold and 4 hot water showers available in two large bath houses on the beach. Twelve men's, twenty women's, two disabled and two family public restrooms are available to beachgoers.
  • Accessible Beach Equipment: Beach wheelchairs provide access to the beach for people with disability or low mobility. An aid station provides emergency care or treatment during opening hours.
  • There’s also a section of the beach that was designed for small children where sandboxes and a playground can be found.
  • Kid’s Corner and Beach Library:
    Opening hours from 1 July to 25 August: 12:00 PM - 18:00 PM (every day)
    These services are free of charge for beachgoers
    Contact: Anikó Konczné Rédling (+36 30 305 1188)
  • Outdoor Trampoline (fee is not included in ticket price)
    Water Slide (fee is not included in ticket price)
    Water Theme Park may be visited for and additional fee

To gain access to our fishing platform a separate ticket must be purchased at Balatonakali és Vidéke Sporthorgász Egyesület. Tickets are sold during opening hours at Zsuzsa Divat located next to the main entrance of the beach. The use of the platform is restricted to opening hours only. Angling and fishing are strictly prohibited at other venues of the beach.


Pay us a visit if you feel like doing some sports while spending your holiday on the shores of Lake Balaton! Our beach volleyball court is freely available throughout the week, while on Saturdays you can also compete in your favorite sport (Beach soccer, Beach volleyball, Teqball etc.).

Available sports/activites:

  • Beach volleyball
  • Beach soccer
  • Water sports
  • Beach Water polo (in deep water off the beach) + (practice area in shallow water)
  • Outdoor chess
  • Table tennis (Please bring your own ping pong paddles)
  • TEQBALL table

Regular competitions are held on Saturdays starting from the second weekend of July. Inquire about currente events with the staff, events usually take place from 14:00 PM.

Beach Beach Beach

During opening hours all shops on the beach can be visited by purchasing a ticket. Outside opening hours vendors can be visited free of charge. All food businesses are allowed to be open until 12:00 AM then the premises must be vacated until 01:00 AM when the main gates are closed.

Fincsi Büfé

Since our opening in 2002, we’ve been welcoming all our old and new guests with a wide variety of food and drinks. Their menu offers but not limitet to: Langosh, oven-baked home-made pizza, langallo, pompos, pancakes, hamburgers, gyros, deep fried fishes (hake, bream, whole sea bream) fish soup, hot-dogs, fried sausages and black pudding, soups, ice cream, six types of draft beer, alcoholic beverages, soda and lemonade.
Fincsi büfé also offers free WIFI access, beach lockers and TV programmes, and also provides its guests with group discounts.
Phone: +36 30 9798 555 / +36 30 9595 888

Fincsi Büfé Fincsi Büfé
Akalifornia Cafe & Pizzeria

Delicious pizza hand-made from 100% Italian ingredients. Soft drinks and local wines from Gergely winery.
Opening hours: 09:00 AM - Midnight
Phone: +36 20 360 6490

Akalifornia Cafe & Pizzeria Akalifornia Cafe & Pizzeria
Akali The Bar

Located in the center of the beach Akali The Bar welcomes their guests with homemade pizza, artisan craft burgers, cocktails, 4 types of draft beer, wines from the Cseh winery and premium Mokador Italian coffee. Sporting events are broadcast on our large screen TV, they’re enjoyed best while having a cold beer!
Opening hours: 10:00 AM - 23:30 PM
Phone: +36 30 616 1360

Akali The Bar Akali The Bar

Our newly opened joint welcomes all guests and offers delicious street-food style treats. We specialise in pulled pork sandwiches (both in pork and chicken versions), but our menu also offers churros, corndogs, Mexican grilled corn and other tasty side dishes. In addition to our meals, non-carbonated soft drinks and lemonades are available and we have expanded our beer selection with craft beer specialties. Wine enthusiasts may choose from a selection of local producers to enjoy the end of a long day at the shores of Lake Balaton.
Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 22:00 PM
Phone: +36 70 329 0744


Naprabár offers a unique and unforgettable experience at the western end of the beach. With a magical blend of local wines, draft beer, snacks and sandwiches. The bar offers enjoyable music and kind service every day from the beginning of June.
Opening Hours: 11:00 AM – 18:00 PM
Fridays & Saturdays: 11:00 AM – 19:00 PM
Phone: +36 20 264 9523

  • Strand Delikates (Opening hours: 08:00 AM – 20:00 PM)
  • Zsuzsa Divat (Swimsuits, bathing suits & swimwear, slippers, summer dresses, shorts, T-shirts, hats, towels, sunglasses)
    Angling tickets for sale!
    Opening hours: 8:00 AM – 21:00 PM
  • Mandulavirág Fagyizó
    The ice cream parlor is located to the right of the beach entrance. Ice cream is also available for non-beachgoers.
    Opening hours: Monday to Friday 12:00 PM – 20:00 PM
    Phone: +36 70 517 1906
  • Strandcikk Kereskedés (Opening hours: 08:00 PM – 21:00 PM)
  • Hamizó (souvenirs, cotton candy, ice ’n go)
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